Sounds easy enough, right ?
Seems like if we just avoid really bad stuff, use care with lesser bad stuff, and mostly stick with the good stuff then we should live long & healthy lives, just that easily.
But oddly enough it ain't working out that way at all.
Sure, some folks live to be quite old, but seems like 1/2 of 'em don't even know their name.
Infants have dread illnesses like cancer..ALOT.
Middle-aged folks have knees and hips they cannot walk on alot these days.
Teenagers are on all sorts of drugs for things which seem to be recent inventions.
It pretty much seems like when you count all the diabetics and obese folks who can barely get around anymore, this country has gotten to be like one big nursing home.

If you went to a regular grocery store today, could you get enough to eat if you avoided all:

Sounds like a very bad day, doesn't it ?

Let's pretend for just a second that everything up in that list, and especially with a few in each meal and many in each day; they ADD UP and are seriously bad for people's bodies.

Would that help to explain how folks are less healthy now than they were in 1812 ???

Just a wee bit more:
When someone adds up ALL the very bad stuff they eat that is in tiny amounts, if they do themselves a favour and use the idea of things being CUMULATIVE, then they've got a much, much better chance to understand how to be healthier.
And if things truly are healthier & better for you & me, they are usually also healthier & better for the whole planet in one way or another.

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