Why. Just...why.
This is a really big & serious subject because almost nobody ever asks it except for maybe little kids who get ignored or told to shut-up by their all-knowing 'grown-ups'...

Here's the BIG WHY to start off this page with:
Why have so few really BIG things changed SO LITTLE in the last 100 years ???

As a species, when we work together & really put our minds to it, things change ALOT.
So then it must be asked =>

This doesn't mean to ask things like 'why no flying cars yet ?'; it is more trying to point to things like 'why no incredibly good changes ?' or 'why is the air, water & land in bad shape and getting worse each day ?'.

A good life is about being, doing and making good things - then making those even better.

*********SO WHY AREN'T WE DOING THAT YET ???!!!*********

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