The End.
Is it...could it be...has that time arrived now ? (Nah, just a noisy page.)
All the wild stuff going on recently might easily make folks think it's 'the end of the world'.
Most likely nobody knows, but it's a safe bet that if we keep doing as we've been doing, things'll get worse rather than better...

So much truly huge stuff has happened and it ain't easy to connect-the-dots.
'GIANT SINKHOLE' say the headlines...yep, OK - but all the videos and photos make it look like a big, muddy pond - how can anybody know it ain't just 2 feet deep ?

What seems odd about it is that it's close enough to the gigantic oil-rig blowout to make a person think they may be cousins somehow...underground, maybe ?

Earthquakes by the dozen or hundreds; giant, powerful storms and how 'bout them buildings coming down like they was made of dust ?
'Splained away by footage that could have been fake, and cover stories thin as toilet paper.
Then smart folks looked closer & too many say it couldn't have EVER happened that way.

Atomic tea kettles going 'BOOM' all over the places & spitting out stuff we've been told a 1000 times is toxic, deadly, killer stuff, but then the talking heads say: 'Don't worry.'

All kinds of stuff that could snuff out planetary life; too many directions to look at one time.
An asteroid could whack us, a solar flare fry us, a mega-quake could suffocate us, gamma rays from a zillion miles away could cook us - or closer to home, some mad men with bombs could do it (even if they used their power plants as the bombs). Poisons and all sorts of things we wouldn't even know what when they struck us down are all very possible.
No use trying to list all the possibilities here; you can find them all day long if you want.

But we could get concerned with cleaning up our nests anyhow, while we've got a chance.
That's what this little site is aimed at, maybe getting anybody to take a rational, reasoning look at things which have already gone on too long as the expected 'status quo'.

About the cute little audio:
It could make a person think a wee bit.
It was on a free broadcast & attributed to Lee Camp; but Lee says (even though he thinks it's very cool) that it ain't his work.
It might've been made by someone called Charlie, or Blayze, but he ain't sayin.
If anyone can pin down it's origin & maker, please pass that info on.
It's brilliantly expressed, cute AND makes a point and that's why it's here.

Climate change is visible everywhere by now, and whether it's warming, cooling, or gargantuan clouds of cow-farts - nobody seems to know - do you ???

Peace out.

Created by a peaceful inhabitant who loves this planet and all the other peaceful beings it is shared with.
Copyright/copywrong = NONE.