A roof over our head; we all need one.
There is no dispute that we as a species need shelter from the elements if we wish to live, usually.
Most folks also enjoy their houses and stuff, which is quite understandable.

This site would like to draw your attention to the easily observable fact that in most places, most houses are built of wood.
These houses are normally above-ground, and regardless of their insulation, need heating and/or air conditioning.
That's all very normal stuff, right ? Stuff that nobody ever gives any thought to UNLESS the fuel and/or power is out...

Think about this=> really, seriously take a good look at this 'norm'=> right now.

Some proposed things to include in your thoughtfulness:
-Does insulation STOP the movements of heat, or merely slow it down a bit ?
-Could houses be built in some better way to need less fuels & energy ?
-Is building above-ground the best and/or smartest way of doing things ?
-Are there other building materials that are cheap, durable, and NOT wood ?
-Heat pollution is never mentioned in any serious way; does it matter at all ?

Many smaller parts of houses are also just normally not thought about unless they are broken or missing, like:
Toilets. Water heaters. Sewage removal. Plumbing. Wiring. Paint.

Suppose there could be a way to have a nice house, with enough sunlight getting into it, one which is very easy & cheap to keep at a comfortable temperature, and is also very good about how it uses water.

One way to do these things has been done for a very long time in earth-bermed houses.
In other parts of the world (outside of north america) it is common practice to use water much more carefully including the re-use of wash water and even using waste-water as a fuel source or for fertilizer.

One very good solution to many of our species' problems could be summed up as=> just need less.
The means DO exist for us to use & need less, thereby reducing the harm we do to our planet.

Is it time yet to really start acting as if we truly care about our only precious home planet ?

Created by a peaceful inhabitant who loves this planet and all the other peaceful beings it is shared with.
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